31 de maio a 2 de junho de 2019
São Paulo - Brasil

The time has come!

Enrollment for the 10th ABRATES International Conference is now open!

Registration and information exclusively by e-mail at congresso2019@abrates.com.br
or by telephone at +55 21 3253-3477 during business hours, Brasília time (GMT -3).

This year, once again, we have managed to secure payment in three interest-free installments (handling charges apply, levied by the payment site), or in up to 18 monthly installments with interest paid by the buyer. Our preferred payment partner, who have made such conditions possible, is PagSeguro.

Payment through PayPal is only an option for those living outside Brazil, however, the installment option is not available.

Tickets will be sold in three batches with a limited number of tickets. Secure your place right now. Prices change every month or when the batches of tickets run out, whichever happens first. Tickets allow access to the Conference venue on all the days of the event.

Would you like to register for the Conference and join ABRATES at the same time? Contact us by e-mail congresso2019@abrates.com.br, using Associar as the subject.

Are you an interpreter or do you wish to be one? Look at what is already a tradition at our Conference:

During the event, some of the rooms will be equipped with booths for simultaneous interpretation. Our goal is to offer an opportunity for young interpreters or for professionals without much experience in the area, to enter a booth for the first time, together with more experienced colleagues, in a secure and welcoming environment. We would love to count on your collaboration with this initiative, in one of the three categories below:

Beginner (little or no experience in the booth);

Experienced A (willing interpret at least one session, alongside a beginner);

Experienced B (willing to listen to a beginner and provide him or her with feedback on his/her work).

Apart from this being a unique opportunity to showcase your own work to other professionals in the field, the participation of all our more experienced colleagues is essential for the success of this activity. The grid for the distribution of the interpreters will be organized and made public as from 5/20/2019, and availability shall be checked once the final program is released. ABRATES will get in touch with those enrolled by e-mail.

You just need to check one of the options, right under your name, on the enrollment form.


We have some great news for you: the registration price is the same as last year

The full price to participate in the event is R$ 1,140.00, but the only people who pay without a discount are those who leave everything to the last minute! Here are the batch pricing schedules:

1st Batch: 50% discount for ABRATES members, and 37% for non-members!

2nd Batch: 34% discount for ABRATES members, and 17% for non-members.

3rd Batch: 22% discount for ABRATES members, and no discount for non-members


1st batch – Early Bird – (until 02/15/2019)
ABRATES Members Non-members Students & Seniors*
R$ 570,00 R$ 720,00 R$ 570,00


2nd batch – Promotional price (2/25/2019 to 4/12/2019)
ABRATES Members Non-members Students & Seniors*
R$ 750,00 R$ 950,00 R$ 570,00


3rd batch – Registration without discounts (4/13/2019 10 5/15/2019)
ABRATES Members Non-members Students & Seniors*
R$ 875,00 R$ 1.140,00 R$ 570,00

*The half-ticket price is for students, senior citizens, the disabled, other cases as set out in the applicable legislation, and it applies to 40% of tickets available. The half-price ticket value is calculated based on the full-price ticket value, without discounts. After registration and to confirm their eligibility, students must send a statement from the school they attend (on letterhead, signed by a teacher) to the following email address:  congresso2019@abrates.com.br , att: Secretaria

CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations will be analyzed on an individual basis, and no claims are accepted 90 days after the confirmation of the sale. There will be no reimbursements for claims after this deadline. In addition, no reimbursements will be made in cases of no-shows, whatever the reason. Reimbursement value will be 75% for requests received by April 10, 2019 and 50% for requests received by May 5, 2019.  No reimbursement will be made after the deadline above, as most of the resources will have been allocated for use in the organization of the event.

So, you are not an ABRATES member yet? SAVE MONEY NOW! Join ABRATES and pay the member rate. It’s more than worth it!

IMPORTANT: After May 16, registrations may only be made at the Conference venue.

Register now!