31 de maio a 2 de junho de 2019
São Paulo - Brasil

The 10th International Conference and ABRATES’ 45th Anniversary

We are pleased to announce the 10th ABRATES International Translation and Interpretation Conference. This year’s event is very special, as it marks our 45th anniversary, as well as being ABRATES’s 10th International Conference. The theme this year is Professional Associations, Going Beyond Tomorrow, showcasing and celebrating the essential roles played by these entities as the professions’ future is challenged by technological developments and professionals must future-proof their practices.


The event will take place in the city of São Paulo (SP), Brazil, at the Bourbon Convention Ibirapuera Hotel, at 2927 Ibirapuera Avenue. Brazil’s largest city, often called the “Brazil’s Engine”, will once again welcome participants with open arms, offering plenty of options for sightseeing and business. We will continue our discussion of the many different aspects of translation and interpretation, and also focus on our professional activities within the national and international contexts, always seeking the betterment of our profession. And this year, the role of professional associations in the recognition, growth and development of the professions of translator and interpreter is our main focus.

Aside from the presence of representatives of different companies that are always in search of new professionals, we will also have in attendance various professionals and specialists who will address different issues, such as: The Translation Market, Literary Translation, Translation as Art, Copyrights, Translation of Computer Games, Audiovisual Translation, Translator-Client Relations, Internationalization of the Translator, and Entrepreneurship, among others. Professionals, students and entrepreneurs from within the translation market, come together in this event offering great opportunities for networking and for honing one’s skills. We are counting on your attendance! Register now, and come mingle with companies, researchers, and professional colleagues from all over Brazil and from throughout the world!


Please contact us to learn of special sponsorship plans, and count on our partnership to publicize your company or your product at the most important event of the field in Brazil, by sending an e-mail to: sponsor@abrates.com.br.